CCTV solutions
CCTV solution for traffic, crime prevention, surveillance as well as various application services
including the unexpected or abnormal loading detection system based on the vision technology

Integrated Control System


  • Configuration
  • Display/Audio equipment,
    Server/Operational PC, Storage,
    Image controller, etc.


  • Field camera control
  • Data administration & collection
  • Event viewer
  • Multichannel monitoring
  • Data analysis & utilization


  • Integrated administration of school zone surveillance area
  • Integrated administration of enforcement in illegal parking
    and stopping
  • Administration of traffic situation
  • Surveillance of parking lot
  • Integrated administration of crime prevention
  • Integrated administration
    of disaster
Crime Prevention System
A security system for prevention of crime
Traffic System
A traffic monitoring system for enforcement and surveillance of traffic situation
New Vision System
Detection of unexpected situation on both tunnel and general roads
Real time monitoring
using the surround view
Enforcement system
for abnormal loading