Research and Development

Category Name
Patent Weighbridge for verifying the measurement resule of WIM system
LSWIM system
LSWIM system with an irregular entry prevention function by axle manipulation
Manufacturing method of axle weight detector using PVDF film
LSWIM system for preventing illegal entry of vehicle by axle manipulation
LSWIM system for preventing illegal entry of the tri-dem axle vehicle by axle manipulation
Synchronization controller for time sharing radio repeater
Measurement equipment of loading storage and loading width
Vehicle weighbridge & it's installation method
Overload enforcement system & method
LSWIM system measuring exact weigh of illegal entry vehicle
Vehicle weight measuring device & method
Firmware update method & network communication method of WIM system & WIM system implementing those methods
Vehicle axle manipulation prevention system
Load height measuring system using multiple sensor
LSWIM system
Vehicles axle manipulation prevention system
Foreign substances inflow prevention device in WIM system
Guidance robot system for overload vehicle
WIM system
Overload control system using WIM system
Design Vehicle support plate for portable scale
Frame for electric devices
Certification ISO9001 Quality Management System
ISO14001 Environment Management System
Certificate of company institute
Registration of information and communication business
Registration of engineering business
Certificate of INNO-BIZ
Certificate of Venture Company