Transportation Management System

Business sector and solution

Weighing System
A system that collects the data from on-site equipment and supports the operator to effectively perform the enforcement of charge of overload and escape
  • HSWIM System
  • LSWIM System
  • Weighbridge
  • Portable Scale

ITS Business
A system that collects transportation data to implement ITS performance evaluation effectively.
  • AVC
  • VDS
  • VMS
  • CCTV

Service Business
A system that reports regularly to prevent equipments breakdown and to help maintain their quality.
  • ITS performance evaluation data collecting service
  • Korea Expressway Corporation maintenance management service
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport maintenance management service
  • Ministry of the Interior maintenance management service

Calibration Business
A system that calibrates that numerical value of measuring instruments and standard instruments. (Korea Traffic System)
  • HSWIM calibration
  • LSWIM calibration
  • Portable Scale Calibration